About us

In 2019 Noah & Sisi went online and the inspiration to start the brand came from my own children. When my daughter Asiyah was born in August 2018, I was looking for beautiful and fine hair clips and soft hair bands that you could use from birth. She didn't have a lot of hair at the moment, so I was looking for small clips and headbands with a not too large application. However, that turned out to be quite difficult, because most hair accessories were either too big or had very bright colors. This gave rise to the idea to offer these clips and hair bands ourselves, suitable for the smallest, comfortable and with small applications.

When I told my idea to my son Nouh, who was 3 years old at the time, he said: "Yes, but mommy I also want bow ties" and that is how the idea arose to develop a collection for the boys as well. Because my children were my inspiration to start this webshop, I also named it after them: Noah (Nouh) and Sisi (Asiyah).

What makes Noah and Sisi unique?

Precisely because I know that it is so difficult to find suitable hair clips or hair bands for the smallest children with little hair, I spend a lot of time and attention to offer the most beautiful products for this. The pins are smaller, less heavy and therefore remain in the smallest tufts. With our hair bands, the beautiful materials ensure that they are comfortable. Because I don't want to exclude the big girls, you will also find a lot of beautiful accessories in larger sizes in the webshop. Despite being larger, they are still of a high quality and comfort is paramount.

The products of Noah and Sisi can be recognized by the soft color palette, which means that all items match every outfit. The boys have also been thought of, for these you will find matching bow ties in the webshop. Price quality ratio is paramount at Noah and Sisi.

With the webshop and my products, I hope to make many children and their mothers happy with our beautiful (hair) accessories and to expand our collection with even more beautiful items in the future.